Please use the sample letter below.  Cut, paste, and modify it to your needs, then send it to your representative.  You can find your representative here.  

Dear Representative _____,

I am _______ of, a small business that transacts over the Internet.  In July of this year the Supreme Court reversed over 40 years of precedent and struck down the physical presence standard that protects remote sellers like me from being subject to heavy-handed and expensive sales tax collection obligations and audits from states in which I do not reside.

States are immediately moving to put heavy burdens on my business. In fact, the state of Minnesota just announced that by October 1, 2018, I will have to register with them and begin collecting and remitting sales tax. In order to that I will have to find and integrate into my website expensive software to allow me to collect the tax, pay recurring fees to register and file with Minnesota, and be responsive to sales tax audits, and in short time nearly every other state in the union will require me to do the same. This is an existential threat to my business.

The Minnesota state legislature has ignored the guidance of its own lobbying representative to Congress, the National Council of State Legislatures, which counseled States to defer regulatory action until 2019 in order to give companies time to come compliant. Let's be reasonable. If Congress were ever to pass a law that struck down the physical presence standard, there would be a significant phase-in period for the law. By suddenly and chaotically throwing remote sellers into a mix of thousands of laws and regulations, we are being put in a situation that never would happen if change had been made in an orderly fashion through legislation.  Simply, it is unfair for us to be treated this way by these states and we need Congress to step in to bring some fairness to this process. Congress has the power to restore respect and reason.

I ask you to pass legislation that will impose a moratorium on states until Congress can evaluate the impact of the Quill strike-down decision on the country and determine how to protect remote sellers from aggressive and inappropriate state revenue departments and their respective fees and audits.

Thank you for helping vulnerable small businesses like mine.