Some members of Congress have suggested that the Marketplace Fairness Act would only impact "a thousand businesses."  We are not sure where they are getting these numbers but these statements are false. In fact, FedTax/Tax Cloud (a Certified Software Provider and vocal MFA proponent) stated in a video that the bill would affect up to 3.5 MILLION retailers.

“Between 350,000 and 3.5 million retailers will be impacted by the new law...”  -- FedTax / Tax Cloud Video

Keep in mind that this number represents small business owners and entrepreneurs who will be subject to unfair audits and cumbersome and expensive software integration costs. Remote sales tax collection and remittance requirements introduce a crushing compliance burden on small businesses. Avalara, another MFA Certified Software Provider stated recently in a marketing email:

"The Marketplace Fairness Act or similar laws will introduce a new world of tax compliance that could lead to the constant THREAT of AUDITS, FINES and PENALTIES from multiple states." -- Avalara Marketing Email

Before casting a vote for this bill (MFA or MITFA), watch one of our short 2-minute videos: