Just How Many Audits Are Coming?

Important article on the obfuscation of this issue by Senator Enzi and other supporters of the bill. Perhaps the most troubling is that Enzi and other think that 46 tax audits a year is somehow acceptable for small businesses. Really?

We can all agree there's no need to bury small businesses in paperwork demands from 9,600 governments. But the fact that the bill's chief author cannot offer a direct assurance that it won't happen is one of many reasons why the Senate should be skeptical about this Internet sales tax expansion. What matters is not what the bill's supporters "have explicitly stated," but what's in the bill.

Mr. Enzi is proposing a fundamental change in the taxation of interstate commerce. His supporters say this is necessary to collect what even backers of the bill concede would only amount to about 1% of state and local government revenues. Does anyone in the Senate have an idea for growing the economy?

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